KISMET is a unique daily VR fortune-telling experience. Seated across a table from an enchanted automaton with the power to see the future in the Cards and the Stars, you’ll be transported to a place where magic is real. Named after the mysterious fortune-teller at its core, Kismet is an experience inspired by the mystic arts of tarot and astrology, brought to life in a beautifully detailed, handmade, gothic style, unlike anything else available in VR.

In the pantheon of innovative VR experiences, Kismet sets itself apart by delivering an antidote to the many adrenaline-fueled hardcore game experiences that populate the current marketplace. Rather than pilot spaceships or shoot monsters, Kismet uses VR as a bridge to a more contemplative, spiritual place. Kismet was designed as a broadly inviting experience meant to provoke thought and discussion and appeal to a wide audience who may otherwise find VR overwhelming.

Available on Oculus, Vive, PSVR, Oculus Go, GearVR, and Daydream.